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Young Adults Affected by Addiction

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Young Adults Affected by Addiction is a peer support group I am starting for high school and college age students who are affected by addiction in their families, whether it be drugs or alcohol. I'm 21 years old and affected by addiction in my family and have been looking for a group like this but could not find one in the Kenosha area. I am too old to attend Alateen, which is for kids 10-18 years old who are affected by a family members alcoholism and has a religious based approach. The addiction in my family is not with alcohol and I am not religious so even if I was young enough Alateen wouldn't work for me. This is why this group is open to high school and college because I know there are others like me. This group will be confidential and secular but all religions are welcome and free to be discussed. My dream for this support group is for it to be a place where people come together to connect with people who know what they are going through. By doing so I hope to make at least a small group of people feel less alone and learn that what they are going through isn't shameful or embarrassing, and that it is actually more common than you would think. This group is not a place where people can come to bash on their families for an hour, it will be a group where people can vent and receive validation, sanction and guidance.
This is not a Kenosha Public Library sponsored event.