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Computers at the Library

Computer Use Agreement

As a user of a Public Access Computer Workstation, I understand that:

  • I will use the computer workstation in a manner consistent with the purpose and mission of the Kenosha Public Library.
  • I may encounter inaccurate, offensive, disturbing and/or illegal material on both filtered and unfiltered computer workstations.
  • Viewing or printing pornographic or obscene images at the Library is inappropriate.
  • Failing to use the computer workstations in conformance with Kenosha Public Library Policies, Procedures, and Rules of Conduct may result in revocation of computer workstation privileges.
  • If I am under 18 years of age, I have received parental permission to use the Internet and I must use a filtered computer workstation at the Library.
  • If I am 18 years of age or older, I have the option of using a filtered or unfiltered computer based on availability. I am responsible for the sites I visit.
  • Disabling or circumventing the Internet filters when using a filtered workstation will cause me to lose my Internet privileges.
  • I will pay $.15 per page for material I print from a Kenosha Public Library computer workstation.
  • Software may not be downloaded on library computer workstations.
  • I will not use chat or game websites on 15-minute Express computer workstations.
  • I will use only my current library account number to log on to a sit-down computer workstation.
  • Using someone else's card will result in a loss of computer access.
  • I will log off the computer workstation when I am finished.
  • I will log off a sit-down computer workstation 15 minutes before the library closes.

Free WiFi @ KPL

KPL offers free WiFi connections at Southwest, Northside, Simmons, and Uptown locations. There is no time limit for the free use of our WiFi connection. 

Wireless instructions:

  • Set your laptop wireless adapter TCP/IP property settings in Control Panel to obtain an IP address automatically.
  • Connect your wireless adapter to the Library’s wireless network. The network name (SSID) is “Kenosha Public Library”.

The KPL WiFi connection is unsecured and filtered. All users must comply with our Internet Policy and Rules of Conduct.

Computers @ the Library

Public Access Workstations (PAWS) at the library have the following software and capabilities:

  • Searching the Catalog for books, CDs, DVDs, and more.
  • Exploring our Electronic Resources for magazines and newspaper articles, car repair information, consumer guides, and much more.
  • Accessing the Internet to check email, download files, or visit favorite websites.
  • Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Printing - All of our computers have black & white printing capability.  Most also have color printing available.

There are three main types of public computers at KPL:

  • Express Computers: These computers have a 15 minute limit and do not require a library card to sign-in.  All of these computers feature filtering software that prevents some sites from being visited.
  • "Sit Down" Computers: These computers have a four-hour per day limit and require a valid library card and password to sign on.  Guests may obtain a guest pass.  All of these computers include filtering software.
  • Laptop Computers: These computers can be checked out at the Checkout desk and have all of the same stipulations as the "Sit Down" computers.

All computers are available on a first-come, first serve basis.  Staff cannot reserve computers for you.

Use of computers at KPL is governed by the Computer Use Agreement (above), the Internet Use Policy (when applicable), and the Rules of Conduct.