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Checkout Periods, Fines, & Renewals

Checkout Periods

  • Hot DVD Collection - 1 week, no holds or renewals
  • Hot Book Collection - 2 weeks, no holds or renewals
  • Interlibrary loan materials – 3 weeks (or time period set by lender), no renewals
  • Magazines – 1 week, 3 renewals
  • TV Series - 2 weeks, 1 renewal
  • Feature Films, Documentaries and non-fiction DVD/BluRays - 1 week, 1 renewal
  • Book Club Kits - 6 weeks, 1 renewal
  • Computer/Hotspot Kits and Hotspot Kits - 4 weeks, 2 renewals
  • Library equipment used in-house – 4 hours
  • Books, Audiobooks, Developmental Collection, EReaders, Music, Games, and other materials not listed – 3 weeks, 3 renewals


New items in high demand may be assigned shorter loan periods with no renewals.
Borrowers in good standing may check out an unlimited number of items.


How do I renew an item?

  • An item can be renewed in person, by telephone, or the internet by using the My Account feature.
  • In person: Stop at the check out desk at any KPL branch.
  • By phone: Call Circulation (262) 564-6101, give them your library card number, name and the title of the item you need to renew.

How long are items renewed for?

  • Items are renewed for the same number of days they were originally checked out for unless there is a standing reservation on that item.

What items cannot be renewed?

  • Items with a reservation (someone has asked to have this item when returned).
  • Items that are overdue and if renewed would still be overdue.
  • Items which have already reached the maximum renewals.
  • HOT (non-renewable) items


KPL Fee Schedule:

The library may charge a fee or recover costs for the following:

  • Lost library card replacement: $1.00
  • Damaged or non-returned items: Retail cost of replacement; $50 minimum for ILL item
  • Photocopies/document delivery: $0.15 B&W per page, $0.25 Color per page
  • Faxes: $0.25 per page
  • Nonresident Library Card: $50 annually
  • Referral to Collection Agency: $10 service fee

Cardholders with billed materials or fees over $10.00 will experience temporary suspension of borrowing privileges until the charges are resolved.

  • Items returned after the due date will incur the following extended use fees:
  • Adult books and magazines $.25/day, maximum accrual of $5.00 per item
  • All audiovisual materials $.25/day, maximum accrual of $5.00 per item
  • Interlibrary loan materials and Developmental Kits - $1.00 per day, maximum accrual of $5.00 per item
  • Equipment - $1.00 per day, maximum accrual of $5.00 per item


If an item is lost or damaged, the borrower will be billed for the current retail replacement cost of the item. Patrons may purchase a replacement copy for items originally owned by Kenosha Public Library but the replacement copy must have a matching ISBN or product code and be in new condition. Not all libraries in SHARE allow patrons to purchase a replacement copy - please check with staff before you purchase a replacement copy. KPL adheres to a 50-day return policy. Items not returned within 50 days of last due date will be assumed lost and will not be returnable.

The library reserves the right to take measures up to and including collection agencies and legal action to recover materials not returned.

The library is not responsible for damage done to personal equipment while using library materials.