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Donations & Gifts

Due to COVID-19 the Kenosha Public Library is currently not accepting material donations

The Kenosha Public Library welcomes your donated books, audio books, movies and music. Your donation will be added to the Library's collection or sold at the Friends of the Kenosha Public Library book sales to help enhance our programs and services. Your contribution may be tax deductible as allowed by law.

  • gift is new material or money given to the library with no specific designation of use. Many organizations give gifts of specific materials related to their organization's mission.
  • memorial is new material or money given to the library to remember a person or an event.
  • tribute is new material or money given to the library as a statement or testimonial showing gratitude, respect or honor.
  • An endowment is money given to the library of over $1,000.00 and will be sustained for a period of time. People wishing to set up an endowment should contact the Kenosha Public Library Administration Office at (262) 564-6323 to discuss their request.

Additional information can be found in the Library Donation Guidelines document. 

A Gift Memorial and Tribute Form is available at every branch and as a downloadable PDF; donors are required to fill out the form and submit to the Collection Development office.

Still have questions related to Gifts and Memorials? Send us a message