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OverDrive is a digital collection of eBooks, Audiobooks, magazines, and video for use with a wide variety of mobile devices, computers, and readers.

How It Works

KPL has access to Overdrive through the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium, which coordinates purchasing and access for patrons throughout the state.  This allows Kenosha residents to have access to books whose cost would be too prohibitive for Kenosha alone to own a copy - either digitally or in print.

The material in the OverDrive collection can be accessed through through several different methods: through a web browser on a desktop computer, by downloading the OverDrive App on a mobile device, or by transferring to a dedicated ereader.

Because there are so many devices and methods for accessing the OverDrive collection, the best place to get information and details on how it works for each is on the OverDrive Help website. Here you'll find the best tutorials and instructional videos to get you started or troubleshoot your current device.


WPLC is continually adding to the OverDrive collection of eBooks and Audiobooks, but you can also recommend new titles from the wider collection of items available on OverDrive. When you're browsing the collection, select the Additional Titles to Recommend option found in the "Show Me" menu. This will then display all of the titles available for purchase via OverDrive.

Titles that aren't in the OverDrive collection, but are available to recommend for us to purchase, will display a recommendation icon over the cover image. When you see a title you'd like to read, click the Recommend button and we will be notified of your interest. If you add your email address when recommending the title, you will automatically be notified if we purchase it and a hold placed on the title for you.