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Banner and link to Lynda is an online learning service that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.

Sign in(link is external) with your library card and choose from over 3,500 video courses created by professional instructors. is a great way to learn new skills or upgrade your knowledge about current practices and procedures.

Logging In

You can access through the library's website or by going to the website.

  • If you use the link on, all you have to do is enter your Library Card Number and PIN.
  • If you go to directly, click the “Log in” link at the top right of the site. Use the “Log in through your organization or school” option and enter "" as the organization, then hit “go”. This will take you to the log in screen where you can use your Library Card Number and PIN to access the site.

If your account is in good standing, with no blocks due to late charges or an expired card, you’ll be logged in immediately.

Your Personal Profile

When you first log in, the site will ask if you have a previous account with If you’re new to, or just want to start a brand new profile, select the “No, I’ve never had an account” option.  If you did have an account, selecting the “I’ve had an account” option and logging in with your previous user name and password will import your old profile, including any playlists or course history, into your new library account profile.  Add or confirm your First Name, Last Name, and Email address and hit Save to complete your profile. will not use your email address to send you emails without your permission. You can read's privacy policy for more information about how they use this data. 


There is a lot of training material on, way more than you can get through in a single session. In order to keep track of your training, and plan what you’ll want to learn in the future, you can create and manage Playlists of all the courses you want to watch. Located in the “My courses” menu, the “Playlists” feature lets you group common topics together:  for example, you can create a playlist called “Professional Development” and save all of the courses on Business skills and Management training in a single location. offers several pre-selected Playlists in its Playlist Center. These are great if you’re looking for a specific subject that might have multiple entry points or overlapping courses, like how to “Take Better Portraits” or “Learn Project Management”.


If you can’t think of the name of a topic or software that you want to learn about, you can try's recommendations, another option found in the “My courses” menu.  Recommendations are generated by telling what your interests are. Use the “Update Interest” button and browse the list of available topics. Once you’ve decided on your interests, the recommendations page will display a list of related courses and videos.


If you need help using, check out their FAQ page.  You can also take courses on How to Use  You may also contact the library for assistance.