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PENDING-- Google Digital Skills- 6 weeks

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Age: Adult
Registration for this event has closed.

Become a master of the Google digital suite including Docs, Sheets, Drive, and Slides in a self-paced class suitable for beginners. Students will be expected to complete some assignments independently outside of class.   A google account (Gmail address) is required before the first day of class, optional headphones or earbuds are recommended.   Students that complete the series will receive a certificate of completion.  Registration is required; register at KPL online or call 564-6130.


Weeks 1&2: If/Then Adventure Stories- Learners create an interactive story using Slides and Docs.

Weeks 3: Technology, Ethics and Security- Learners research a topic related to technology safety, create a project, and present their findings.

Weeks 4, 5 & 6: Plan an Event- Learners choose, plan and organize and event with Google digital tools.