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NASA Lunar and Meteorite Samples Certification Training for K-12 Educators (pre-registration required)

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Program Type: Special Event
Age: Adult

Participants will learn how to use lunar rock samples to engage their students in problem based learning and discovery challenges. Connect using these samples as well as other Earth rock materials to teach physical and earth science content expectations. The activities and N.A.S.A. educational websites introduced will provide new engaging ideas, and all participants will be qualified to obtain and use lunar and meteorite samples with all age and ability learners. Participants will be certified through this workshop to borrow the lunar and meteorite samples from NASA Johnson Space Center to use in their classrooms. 

Presented by Susan Kohler, NASA EPDC Education Specialist

Register online: 

For more information about the Lunar and Meteorite Sample Disk program for K-12 educators (including those who work in schools, libraries, museums, and planetariums), please visit: