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Microfiction Collection: The Power of Postcards. Wish You Were Here!

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Program Type: NEA Big Read, Bilingual

Microfiction is a short story told in as few words as possible - typically under 300 words. Into the Beautiful North explores some familiar themes like Home, Family, and Journeys. Can you tell a whole story on one of these themes in the space of a postcard? Bring a postcard containing an original story for our collection. Provide a postcard of your own or request one at the library. Use the image on the postcard to inspire the story or select a blank postcard from our selection and draw, color, collage, or even bedazzle the scene. Do what Inspires you! Just make sure the full story fits on the correspondence portion of the postcard and that it can be clearly and easily read without the use of magnifying glass. Stories in English, Spanish, and any other language you chose are welcome. The postcards received will be displayed in the library for other patrons to enjoy so please be considerate of all patrons and use appropriate language and images when sharing your story.