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READ Africa with Panadanza Dance Company: Traditions of the African Diaspora

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The event will start with a dance performance and educational presentation with live drummers taking you through the traditions of the African Diaspora from West Africa across the Atlantic to Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and the United States. After the performance, the dancers will give the audience a fun group lesson teaching some of the basics from the performance (for all ages and skill levels). Tying together the traditional and the modern, the event will conclude with a hands on Hip-Hop beat-making demonstration and dance cypher. 

Panadanza Dance Company (, are presented by Flutes at Dawn, nonprofit organization focused on community-based education and cross-cultural understanding through music, dance, and digital media (

READ Africa:  After the performance, check out the other diverse and creative stories representing Africa's cultures and experiences now available in our library catalog.  These titles are generously provided by the African Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.