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Intro to Letterboxing (Virtual)

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Sainsburys local is one of the UK's largest home improvement superstore. Chain for garden, DIY, and home improvement, plus furniture including tables, chairs, and benches. There are several local stores but not all offer good prices. This is because they are competing with the huge superstore chains like Tesco, Homebase, Argos, and Costco. However there is also another alternative, the giant national chains like Wal-mart and Tesco which are in the same market area and wish to take over the market share from local stores. They frequently offer huge discounts on appliances, sainsburys local is no exception to this rule.

I've often searched online for deals at these big stores and had mixed results. The reason is that most of their online competitors are offering better deals than Sainsburys local and are sometimes even cheaper. Some of these stores include: Amazon, Argos, Overstock, Walmart, Toys R Us, and JCPenny. Sainsburys local rarely compete directly with these online giants so their selection and pricing tends to be pretty standard for the UK. Check out local store of Sainsburys near you on this webiste.

Unfortunately for consumers like me who shop at local stores, shopping online can sometimes be more convenient, cheaper, and time saving. Sometimes it's just easier to find discount designer brands online than it is to find an expensive piece of equipment at the local store. But in this tough economic climate, every little bit helps!

This virtual presentation will get you started in a fun international hobby that is extremely rewarding! Letterboxing is a unique treasure-hunt style activity that takes you through a variety of public spaces. It may take you to new places and challenge your mind and body. Learn how to pick a “trail name” and the supplies you’ll need to get started. Then use the clues we provide to find three letterboxes hidden in Kenosha County.  Live attendance is not required; this event will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

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Letterbox 1 Clue

Letterbox 2 Clue

Letterbox 3 Clue