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Big Read Kick-off Event

Jay Jennings, who has been a longtime friend and mentored by fellow author of True Grit, Charles Portis, will be our Keynote Speaker for the evening. Please join us for an exciting and fun-filled evening as we saddle up to Kickoff this wonderful community event.

Event Location: Gateway Technical College, 3520 30th Ave, Kenosha, WI 53144

Date: Fri, Oct 7, 2016
Time: 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Book: True Grit

Library Dog Winners

Thanks to everyone who voted to name our library dogs.  541 ballots were cast, and the results are in.

Southwest's Black Lab: Midnight
Southwest's German Shepherd: Cookie
Northside's Golden Retriever: Biscuit
Simmons' Dalmatian: Dotty
Uptown's Rottweiler: Rocky

Stop by our branches, and pay them a visit!

Fine Free Children’s Books & Magazines

Starting November 20, children’s books and magazines checked out at a Kenosha Public Library branch will no longer accrue overdue fines. Fees will still apply for damaged and lost items.

What materials does this apply to?

Children’s books and magazines will be signified by a call number beginning with J, E, R, or TODDLER.
For example:

Title: Charlotte's Web
Call number: J Fiction White

Title: Pigs
Call Number: J 636.4 N429

Title: I Love You Like a Pig!
Call Number: E BA

Title: Porky and Bess
Call Number: R WE

Teen materials will continue to accrue overdue fines.

Why is KPL doing this?

We believe that children’s academic success depends on access to the library. We see overdue fines as a barrier to service for young children whose families cannot afford even small fees or have limited access to transportation. In order to ensure equitable access to our materials, KPL is eliminating overdue fines on children’s books and magazines to remove the unnecessary stress, fear, or apprehension of library use. We are forgiving current fines on children’s books and magazines to welcome back library users whom we haven’t seen in awhile.

Will I be charged overdue fines on items owned by other libraries?

You won’t be charged overdue fines on any children’s book or magazine you check out at a Kenosha Public Library location. That includes children’s books or magazines owned by other libraries that you place on hold and have sent to an Kenosha location for pickup. You will, however, be responsible for overdue fines when you visit other libraries to check out items, if those libraries charge overdue fines.

How will the library get items back without the threat of overdue fines?

Many libraries across the country have eliminated fines on children’s books. Those libraries continue to experience prompt return of library materials without the threat of overdue fines. And most importantly, they have witnessed many more children using the library.

Patrons will still be responsible for replacement costs for lost or damaged items.

For more information on your account please use the account tab on our website or call 262-564-6101.



Proposed Federal Budget Eliminates Funding for Libraries

Kenosha Public Library is fully supported by local tax dollars, right?
Actually, your local tax dollars only partially support KPL. A significant source of support for technology, training, and services comes to KPL through the Wisconsin Department of Instruction, Division of Libraries. Federal dollars from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) support the services we receive from our state library.

IMLS is slated for elimination in the first draft of the proposed 2017-2018 Federal Budget.


So how  do federal funds specifically support KPL?

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) provides
Wisconsin with just under $3 million annually to provide all of the services below and assist schools and public libraries to meet the needs of the state’s citizens. Elimination of IMLS will impact the following services to libraries and their communities:


  • Public library broadband and technology services

  • Badgerlink databases and statewide catalog access

  • Statewide collection of ebooks (Overdrive)

  • State Library Agency Activities (65% of total staffing)

  • WISCAT/Interlibrary Loan system management Note: Interlibrary Loan service is required by state statute

  • Wisconsin Document Depository Program/Digital Archives system management

  • Online WISELearn educational digital repository used by teachers and parents

  • Legal consultation to public libraries and public library systems on issues like municipal relations, personnel management and training, and statutory requirements of library systems and local libraries

  • Literacy support for families with young children, school age students, and young adults

  • Inclusive services for library patrons of all ages

  • Data collection and use including statutorily-required public library and library system annual reports

  • Continuing education for library staff including training new library directors

  • The Governor’s Council on Library and Network Development (COLAND)

  • Grants to local libraries and library systems ($815,450 in 2016). Examples of grants to KPL:

  • Kenosha Connects kits, providing computers, internet access,  and training to economically disadvantaged households.
  • Computer Coding Camps for Kids, training the next generation of digital entrepreneurs.

  • Developmental Kits for preschoolers to prepare young children for reading and learning.


Loss of IMLS will dramatically affect Kenosha Public Library’s ability to provide outstanding collections, technology, and training to our community. Without federal support for state library functions, KPL will be forced to use local dollars for Internet access at market rates. Access to ebook collections and electronic databases will cost us significantly more.


Show your  support for KPL and public libraries across Wisconsin by contacting your congressman.  Call or email your representatives and senators – you can find them here:


Tell Them:

Hello, my name is ____________________.  As a voter and as a supporter of public libraries, I’m calling to ask the Senator/Representative to oppose the elimination of the Institute of Museum and Library Services, which the White House budget is proposing to do.  Libraries help our nation’s children, students, and adults from all walks of life  succeed in school and prepare for college careers and life.  Without libraries, our nation will not have a trained workforce or productive citizens.  Libraries depend on funding from IMLS in order to provide the services and resources students and adults depend on for learning, especially those from low-income families. Please take action to ensure that IMLS is not eliminated and gets the funding it needs to help our nation’s people.  Through IMLS, every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. territories receive funding to support their state’s libraries and museums.  In FY14 the total funding IMLS distributed to states and territories was $154,800,000 which was shared among our nation’s 16,500 public libraries. [IF YOU LIKE, SHARE A BRIEF EXAMPLE OF HOW KPL HELPS your Community – kids, teens, adults].

Thank you for your time.

Northside Blood Drive

Kenosha Northside Community Blood Drive

Wednesday, January 4

1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Location: Kenosha Northside Public Library, 1500 27th Ave.

All attempting donors will receive $10 to Noodles & Company, as well as a free long-sleeved t-shirt!

Call 877-232-4376 or visit to make an appointment.

Open to public.  Walk-ins welcome.


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