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Summer will be coming to an end and the Bookmobile will be off the road for seasonal maintenance August 26 - September 8.  The Bookmobile will be back on the road with a new fall schedule starting Monday, September 9.  The new fall schedule will b

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Please join me in OLD WEIRD AMERICA this month for a look at the life of model, photographer, and children’s book author Dare Wright--who leaves us with the impression that she lived entirely in her own visual world.

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Need to space to keep cool this weekend? Come visit any of the Kenosha Public Library locations! The Uptown Library will also be opened on Friday, July 19th from 9 AM - 6 PM to serve as an additional cooling center.


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In August 1835, The New York Sun reported the discovery of life on the moon, as seen through the mega-telescope of respected astronomer Sir John Herschel.

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Parents, we hear you. Your tween wants Young Adult (“YA”) books, but you don’t want them diving into the mature topics that those books may present. Not yet. We totally get it.

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