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Literary Listening - News from Northside

July 22, 2021 at 10:40 AM by Brandi Cummings


Have you ever considered listening to your books instead of reading them? Sometimes your eyes are too tired to read a physical book, or you find you are low on time to read during the day. If you like to listen to things like podcasts or listen to the news, you might find that you also enjoy listening to audiobooks. Audiobooks are a great way to wind down at the end of a long day, or to get some reading in while you do other tasks. I listen to them while I do the dishes and other chores, and as something soothing to listen to when I go to bed. 


Personally, I love listening to audiobooks. I used to subscribe to Audible until I learned about all the options for them at the library - free with my card! I really enjoyed listening to the Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski. I found the narrator to have a really pleasant voice, and I liked the different voices he used for the characters. It made for a very engaging and entertaining experience. The books are great on their own, but they were such an elevated experience over audio!


Here at Kenosha Public Library, we have a vast collection of audiobooks, in multiple different formats to suit your needs. We have audiobooks for all ages - adult, YA, and kids. You are sure to find something you will enjoy within our collection.


If you have a CD player, we have many audiobooks available on disc. These are wonderful for road trips - you can pop them into your car’s CD player and listen on the road. I find them to be a bit more engaging than listening to music. You can’t exactly read a physical book when you have to focus on the road, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up your favorite stories or put down that read that kept you up past bedtime. They’re a good way to listen on the go, whether it be a road trip or just running errands around town.


We also have fun devices called Playaways - these are all-in-one audiobooks. They’re a small, battery-powered player that is very easy to take on-the-go. Playaways are similar to an MP3 player, but they play a specific book. Simply plug in a pair of headphones, press play, and you’re good to go! We have them available for all ages. If you have young readers who aren’t quite ready for chapter books, Playaways are a great option - kids who are learning to read can use them to read-along with a physical copy of the book. I checked them out all the time from my local library when I was younger. I liked them because I could keep reading while out and about, and my parents liked them because they kept me occupied while running errands.


For younger readers, we also have book kits! These are read-along picture books and readers which are a great way for young children to listen to someone read the book to them while they read. Book kits usually include either a built-in player or have CDs available with the book. The audio reads the story aloud so young readers can follow along. These can be a fun option to help kids learn to read, and also an opportunity if parents need a break from reading the same story over and over. Let the book do the reading for you!


If you prefer listening on your own device, your library card gives you access to Overdrive, the Libby app, and Hoopla. From these, you can access thousands of audiobooks on your phone, computer, or tablet. This is also a great option if you don’t find a physical copy of what you’re looking for in our collection. I personally use the Libby app on my phone, both for ebooks and audiobooks. With Libby, it makes it very easy to connect to my speaker when I’m cleaning the house and listen along, or to listen to a book while on a flight. If your phone can connect to your car via cable (which we have available for check-out!), bluetooth, or Android Auto it is also very easy to play audiobooks from Libby in the car.


No matter what type of listening you want to do, KPL has many audio options for you. If you’ve never tried an audiobook, I recommend trying one and seeing how you like it! I really enjoy them, and I think you will, too.