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NEA Big Read: The Beauty & Wonder of Nature on Film

March 24, 2021 at 3:48 PM by


The celebration of this month’s NEA Big Read would not be complete without a selection of KPL documentaries, travelogues, and feature films to suit various tastes. Discover the natural beauty, diversity, complexity, and drama of the planet through stunning cinematography.  

For a change of pace, switch to entertainment in which vegetation plays a prominent role, not always for the better!


Life from above [DVD]  2019

Blue planet II: take a deep breath [DVD]  2018     Also available in Blu-ray

Planet Earth II [DVD]  2017

Planet Earth [DVD]  2011

The Messenger [DVD]  2016     Songbirds

Wild Yellowstone [DVD]  2016

Wild Hawaii [DVD]  2014

Earthflight: the complete series [DVD]  2014    Bird's-eye views of flights across continents

More than honey [DVD]  2013     Honeybees

What plants talk about [Blu-ray]  2013

Africa [DVD]  2013

Great Plains: America's lingering wild [DVD]  2013

Wisconsin state parks [DVD]  2012

Over Hawai`i: aerial views of Hawaii, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Oahu and Kauai [Blu-ray]   2012

Green paradise [DVD]  2011      

Dirt! The movie [DVD]  2010     Based on the book, Dirt: the ecstatic skin of the earth

How the Earth changed history [DVD]  2010

The botany of desire [(DVD]  2009     Human-plant relationships

The national parks America's best idea [DVD]  2009

Earth: the biography [DVD]  2008

How the earth was made [DVD]  2008

Secret Yellowstone [DVD]  2007

The best of Nature: 25 years [DVD]  2007   Memorable moments from the PBS series

Winged migration [DVD]  2003     bird migrations

Natural wonders of the United States [DVD]  2003

Feature Films
in which gardens, flowers, or plants play a significant role

True love blooms [DVD]  2020     Comedy

This beautiful fantastic [DVD]  2017     Comedy

Tulip fever [DVD]  2017     Drama

A little chaos [DVD]  2015     Drama

The secret garden [DVD]  2020     Family

Little Joe [DVD]  2020     Horror

Invasion of the body snatchers [Blu-ray]  2010     Horror