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Human Trafficking Awareness Month Resources List

January 25, 2021 at 2:16 PM by

Human trafficking occurs in the U.S., can happen to anyone, and includes sex trafficking, forced labor, and domestic servitude.

These resources represent the nature of this highly profitable crime, victim experiences, advocacy work, and ways to protect others.

Please call 262-564-6130 or email for more information or to reserve other SHARE Consortium materials.


In pursuit of love: one woman's journey from trafficked to triumphant: a true story
Rebecca Bender (Nonprofit founder)  (2020)   

Relentless pursuit: my fight for the victims of Jeffrey Epstein
Bradley J. Edwards, Brittany Henderson  (2020)    

Slaves among us: the hidden world of human trafficking
Monique Villa, 1948-   (2019)  

Beautiful justice: reclaiming my worth after human trafficking and sexual abuse
Brooke Axtell  (2019)  

Epstein: dead men tell no tales: spies, lies & blackmail
Dylan Howard et. al.  (2019)   

Roadmap to hell: sex, drugs and guns on the Mafia coast
Barbie Latza Nadeau  (2018)   

Blood and earth: modern slavery, ecocide, and the secret to saving the world
Kevin Bales  (2016)  

The justice calling: where passion meets perseverance
Bethany H. Hoang, 1979-  (2016) 

Filthy rich: a powerful billionaire, the sex scandal that undid him, and all the justice that money can buy: the shocking true story of Jeffrey Epstein
James Patterson, James, 1947-  et al.  (2016)      

Fallen: out of the sex industry and into the arms of the Savior
Annie Lobert  (2015)   

Walking prey: how America's youth are vulnerable to sex slavery
Holly Austin Smith  (2014)   

Runaway girl: escaping life on the streets, one helping hand at a time
Carissa Phelps, Larkin Warren  (2012)    

The white umbrella: walking with survivors of sex trafficking
 Mary Frances Bowley  (2012)   

Undaunted: daring to do what God calls you to do
Christine Caine  (2012)   

Girls like us: fighting for a world where girls are not for sale, an activist finds her calling and heals herself  
Rachel Lloyd, 1975-  (2011)   

The whistleblower: sex trafficking, military contractors, and one woman's fight for justice
Kathryn. Bolkovac, Cari Lynn  (2011)       

A crime so monstrous: face-to-face with modern-day slavery  
E. Benjamin Skinner  (2008)       

Online and Personal Safety

Digital life skills for youth: a guide for parents, guardians, and educators
Angela Crocker  (2019) 

Raising humans in a digital world: helping kids build a healthy relationship with technology
Diana Graber, Michele Borba  (2019) 

Parent alert!: how to keep your kids safe online
Will Geddes et al.  (2018)   

Tech-savvy parenting: a guide to raising safe children in a digital world
Nikki Bush, Arthur Goldstuck  (2014)  

iRules: what every tech-healthy family needs to know about selfies, sexting, gaming, and growing up
Janell Burley Hofmann  (2014)   

Safe kids, smart parents: what parents need to know to keep their children safe
Rebecca Anne Bailey, 1952- , Elizabeth Bailey, RN  (2013)  

Sex, drugs 'n Facebook: a parents' toolkit for promoting healthy Internet use
Megan Andreas Moreno  (2013)  

Predators: pedophiles, rapists, and other sex offenders: who they are, how they operate, and how we can protect ourselves and our children
Anna C. Salter  (2003)      

Documentary DVDs

The storm makers 
Guillaume Suon  (2015)