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KPL Fall Reading Challenge for Kids & Teens

October 17, 2020 at 11:20 AM by Heather Thompson

Kids and teens of Kenosha: KPL is challenging you to read for 600 minutes by December 15th! Can you do it? We bet you can!

How do I participate?
Pick up a KPL Fall Reading Challenge log at any Kenosha Public Library location, or log your minutes online at

What counts as reading?
Whether you're reading for fun or for school, we think you should get credit. So count any reading you do toward your 600 minute total. We will also accept you listening to audiobooks, having someone else read to you, reading subtitled foreign language movies/anime, and any sort of printed material--graphic novels, magazines, song lyrics, word-heavy websites, etc. Reading isn't always just about novels!

What is the prize?
If you finish reading for 600 minutes by December 15th, you get a free book of your choice. We have a lot of prize books. 

I love reading! Can I participate more than once?
While we absolutely love your enthusiasm and want you to read as much as humanly possible, we can only give out one prize per person.

I don't have a Kenosha Public Library card. Can I participate?
Yes! However, prizes must be picked up at a Kenosha Public Library location. That being said...if you live in Kenosha, we strongly encourage you to get a library card! It's quick, easy, and opens up all sorts of doors for you--like using BrainFuse to get live tutoring help online!