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COMING SOON: In the Making: Grown-Up Crafting Kits

August 5, 2020 at 8:11 AM by Brandi Cummings

We are taking our love of crafting, packing it up, and sending it home with you to create! Our craft kits, along with some basic household items, will help you create a new piece of decor, self-care, or wearable item. Every kit comes with written instructions and a link to follow a video from our craft friends at Creativebug. To make a free account with Creativebug, you simply need to sign up with your KPL library card, you can sign up here:

Registration for this box begins at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, August 11 on our website calendar!

What's in the first kit?
Watercolor Silhouette- 
Put a fresh spin on a Victorian classic with this Watercolor Silhouette craft kit. You will learn the basics of using watercolor, all while keeping it loose and fun, to create a lasting keepsake of a loved one, animal, or plant friend. 

Each box is designed for one adult. We respectfully request that each box be limited to 2 per household.