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Adult Books for Kids who are Advanced Readers

August 26, 2019 at 9:27 AM by


Parents, do you have a voracious reader at home? A preteen or teen who reads at a high level, but has “read everything already” and thinks everything is “too easy”?
One of my favorite questions is what books would I recommend for a young reader who has already sped through the novels meant for them and needs more books! Bigger books!
Here are some suggestions:

For the kid who has read all of Harry Potter, Narnia, and Percy Jackson…


For the kid who likes mysteries…


For the kid who likes out-of-this-world, funny books…



For the kid who likes history or classics…

Of course the best book for any child is the one they are interested in reading, but these might give you a place to start for those itching to move on to adult books. Even better, these books are ones you may enjoy too!

Hilary Perrino
Early Literacy Specialist
Youth and Family Services
Kenosha Public Library