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Exploring STEM with Your Family


Parents do not need to have a science degree to engage their kids in the STEM fields.  STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and there are many great books available at the library to engage your children in fun and creative ways in the STEM fields.  Listed below are some of my favorite science books that will not only spark curiosity, but provide tons of engaging family fun and entertainment.

Author, scientist, and mom Liz Lee Heinecke has written multiple books with fun projects having to do with science.  Her work includes Kitchen Science Lab for Kids, Outdoor Science Lab for Kids, STEAM Lab for Kids and Star Wars Maker Lab.  My favorite is Kitchen Science Lab for Kids where you can put science to work by making snacks, treats and yummy main dishes.  All of her books are wonderfully laid out and color-coded with instructions. Included are safety tips along with detailed information and explanations about the science behind the experiments. 

Steve Mould is another science expert who has a physics degree from the University of Oxford and he is also a comedian. His most recent book that came out this year- Science is Magic is a how to book of magic tricks and the science behind the illusions of magic. The other two books he has written are:  How to Be A Scientist and The Bacteria Book.  These really awesome books have captivating pictures and information about the science world and how things work. He also has some great YouTube videos that combine both comedy and some very interesting science experiments.

Author Jack Challoner has written over 30 books on science and technology.  His latest book STEM lab : 25 super cool projects : build, invent, create, discover  has sensational activity projects that are worth trying including a making a wind up car, creating a geodesic dome or an indestructible sandcastle, not to mention experiments that involve chemical reactions.  He has other stem lab books like Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects and Maker Lab Outdoors  that explores nature, water power, and weather experiments.

Laura Overdeck is the author of Bedtime Math: A Fun Excuse To Stay Up Late, Bedtime Math: This Time It's Personal, and Bedtime Math: The Truth Comes Out.  These books combine math and cool facts about many topics.  Kids can discover the science behind marshmallows, soda, and ice cream making math interesting and easy. Be sure to check out (linked)  or their free app that provides recreational daily math problems to make math a daily part of your family routine. 

Summer is an excellent time for kids to explore STEM and try something new. So why not try one of these books or check out some of the science programs currently being offered at your Kenosha Public Library.  

Lisa Rivers
Early Literacy Specialist
Youth and Family Services
Kenosha Public Library