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"Open Books, Open Minds"

Open Books, Open Minds is an ongoing, multi-year reading challenge in which independent readers in grades K-8 have the opportunity to read 100 books that explore diverse people, experiences, and genres of literature. As a bonus, they will earn prizes as they make progress! Registration for this program begins on Monday, January 21, 2019 either in person or online at

Once you register, you may wonder which books the library has that fit into each category. We've got you covered! Check out the links below for lots of fabulous book lists (and check back soon--we'll be adding more to each list!).

Bilingual Books:

Biographies About African American or Black People:

Biographies About Asian, Pacific Islander, or Middle Eastern People:

Biographies About Biracial People:

Biographies About Hispanic, Latinx, or Caribbean People:

Biographies About Native American People:

Fiction Books Featuring an African American or Black Main Character:

Fiction Books Featuring an Asian or Pacific Islander Main Character:

Fiction Books Featuring a Biracial Main Character:

Fiction Books Featuring a Hispanic, Latinx, or Caribbean Main Character:

Fiction Books Featuring Immigrants, Immigration, and Refugees:

Fiction Books Featuring a Middle Eastern Main Character:

Fiction Books Featuring a Native American Main Character:

Fiction Books Featuring People With Physical or Psychological Conditions:

Fiction Books Featuring Non-Traditional Families:

Fiction and Nonfiction Books About Homelessness:

Fiction and Nonfiction Books About Race, Racism, and/or Racial Identity:

Fiction and Nonfiction Books About Self-Acceptance:

Fiction and Nonfiction Featuring Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual People:

Fiction and Nonfiction Books Featuring Transgender or Non-Binary People:

Nonfiction Books About Different Religions:

Nonfiction Books About Immigration, Immigrants, and/or Refugees:

Nonfiction Books About Native American Nations:

Nonfiction Books About Other Countries and Their Cultures:

Nonfiction Books About Physical and/or Psychological Conditions:

Picture & Chapter Books - Action/Adventure:

Picture & Chapter Books - Fantasy:

Picture & Chapter Books - Graphic Novels:

Picture & Chapter Books - Historical Fiction:

Picture & Chapter Books - Mystery:

Picture & Chapter Books - Realistic Fiction:

Picture & Chapter Books - Scary:

Picture & Chapter Books - Science Fiction: