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Old Weird America Series

  We really go weird this month with a look at the self-professed genius of art pottery, George Ohr-- who couldn’t give away his work during his lifetime--but whose pieces can now command prices in the six figures. In fact the eccentric Ohr often refused to sell his “mud babies” and after he died in 1918, his family was left with a shed full of over 5000 unique ceramic pieces which sat accumulating dust for fifty years. When amateur antiques dealer from New York, Jim Carpenter happened upon Ojo’s Junkyard and Machine Shop in out-of-the-way Biloxi, Mississippi in 1968, he was in for a happy surprise when Ohr’s son Ojo offered to let him see “my Daddy’s pots”.  Carpenter introduced Ohr’s work to the world and an outsider art star was born. What made his pots so particular and his life so peculiar? Join us and find out.