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“Old Weird America” Thursday August 9 at 6 pm—Northside Library / LITTLE RICHARD: CHILD OF GOSPEL, PRINCE OF ROCK-N-ROLL


The ebullient shout of Whop-Bop-A-Loom-Mop-A-Lop-Bam-Boom on the hit single, Tutti-Frutti (1955) has been characterized by music critics as the “birth cry of rock-n-roll”. And what a child it produced—a flamboyant, gay, black pianist who called himself “Little” Richard, who remains one of the last living icons of the youthquake of the 1950s.  Elvis Presley’s swaying hips and all-American good looks brought a decidedly masculine sexuality to the new sound, while Chuck Berry defined its equally muscular guitar signature. Little Richard imbued something arguably even more vital and influential into rock-n-roll—an uninhibited sexual androgyny and a sheer life-affirming joy in music. He was the first black artist that white kids really wanted to see as well as hear. Please join us to see and hear the story of this unique rock pioneer.