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GoChip Beam: Streaming TV and Movies without the Internet

Kenosha Public Library and Community Library are pleased to announce the introduction of GoChip Beam devices into the library's collections. The new entertainment streaming devices allow users to access movies and television series anytime, anywhere and on any device without internet connectivity.

The GoChip Beam device contains a rechargeable battery, a wifi-broadcaster and either five movies of a similar genre or a season of television. After downloading an app and connecting to the GoChip Wi-Fi signal, up to eight simultaneous users can stream any movie or episode stored on the device to Apple and Android tablets or mobile devices as well as Mac and Windows laptops and desktops.

The libraries will initially have 8 GoChip devices available for patrons to check out. These devices can be checked out for 21 days with the option of 2 renewals if there are no holds. To find the devices in SHARE, simply search for “GoChip”.