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New Digital Experience at the Library!

As you may have noticed, there's a lot of digital dust in the air at Kenosha Public Library this week.  As we move to a new catalog, we are also moving to a new website.  In the interim, there are a few functions that will be changing.

  • The website migration is happening on June 13th.  Features include more prominent search functions, integrated event and room management, better responsive design, and more.  We hope you like it!  If you have questions, issues, or comments, please let us know.
  • Beginning June 16, everything will be in the SHARE Catalog.  You'll be able to easily request items from public libraries in Racine and Walworth counties and use your card there as well.  Managing digital downloads in Overdrive will be a snap.  Search functions will speed up and improve accuracy.  If you're a book lover, you'll love this change.
  • Between June 13 and June 15, My Account features won't be available.
  • All due dates originally due this week have been moved to June 20.
  • From June 13-15, you won't be able to place holds directly in the catalog, but you can enter hold information here: Kenosha Reservation Form
  • From June 13-15, you'll have the option of searching either our old Kenosha Katalog or our new SHARE Catalog.  However, the content won't be updated during the migration.  You can verify that we own something, but we won't know for sure if it's on the shelf until we check.  
  • Interlibrary loan service will be migrating from WorldCat to WisCat, resulting in a cost savings for the library and taxpayers.
  • Room reservation and event management will be moving from Evanced to software integrated into our website.
  • Your library PIN code will not be migrating.  Once we're live on SHARE, we'll be emailing everyone with their new PIN information.  It'll need to be updated in places where you use your barcode and PIN, like Overdrive and

If you need help, please contact the library.  We know that transitions can be challenging, but we wouldn't be making all of these changes if we didn't KNOW that it'll make things better for our patrons.