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Solicitation and Petitioning Policy

Library buildings and grounds are limited public forums for solicitation and petitioning activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, petitioning, leafleting, and campaign activities.

Walkways and grounds around library buildings provide appropriate public spaces for solicitation and petitioning activities, provided the activity does not create a dangerous condition, interfere with access and use of the library for its intended purposes, or damage property. The Kenosha Public Library is authorized to make reasonable rules that are universally applicable and content-neutral concerning use of its property for these purposes.

“Soliciting and Petitioning Zones” exclude the sidewalk along the front entrances, terraces, library parking lots or library patios. Please see the following maps which provide visual boundaries for each location. Designated Soliciting and Petitioning Zones lie outside the yellow lined borders on these maps.

Southwest Library

Northside Library

Uptown Library

Simmons Library 

The following activities are prohibited on Library property:

  • Approved by the Kenosha Public Library Board of Trustees Soliciting and Petitioning activities outside of a Soliciting and Petitioning Zone.
  • Hindering, impeding, or blocking the passage of library patrons, employees, or visitors.
  • Continuing to impose upon, follow, shout at or against, mark for approach by others, or otherwise press an issue after having been advised of the individual’s lack of interest or opposing viewpoint and desire to be left alone.
  • Surrounding or making serial approaches to a patron, employee, or visitor.
  • Engaging, arguing with or otherwise opposing or inciting others exercising their rights under this policy.
  • Inciting or promoting imminent acts of violence.
  • Presenting, imposing, or otherwise impressing upon patrons, employees, or visitors obscene materials that would be considered generally offensive with the community.
  • =Solicitation of funds or sale of goods and services without a copy of written authorization from the Library Director in the possession of the person acting pursuant to the written authorization.
  • Solicitation and petitioning activities inside Library facilities.
Approved, KPL Board of Trustees: 
Tuesday, September 8, 2020