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Social Media Policy

Social media such as social networks, blogs, bulletin boards, and personalized web sites are changing the way we communicate and interact both at home and in the workplace. The purpose of these sites is to engage in dialogue, provide and exchange information, and build understanding. 

While we recognize the benefits of using social media and respect your right to do so, we also realize there are certain risks involved. Because online postings may conflict with the interests of Kenosha Public Library and its patrons, we have adopted the following guidelines and policies regarding the relationship between KPL and KPL staff personal social media accounts.

General Principles for KPL Staff Using Personal Social Media Accounts

  • Carefully read the guidelines listed in the Kenosha Public Library’s Ethics policy, Kenosha Public Library’s Confidentiality policy, and Kenosha Public Library’s Harassment and Discrimination Prevention policy, to ensure your postings are consistent with these policies.

  • Employees may not post confidential or proprietary KPL information, including copyrighted information or personal identifying information of anyone on staff, or any patron, vendor, or supplier (including, but not limited to, photos) to their personal social media sites.

  • Employees may not use the KPL logo on their personal site.

  • Employees are encouraged to share posts originating from the library’s KPL social media sites via their personal accounts.

  • Employees may not use staff time, facilities, or equipment, including KPL computers, company-licensed software or other electronic equipment, to conduct personal blogging/networking.

  • Information that you post on a personal social media site should never be attributed to Kenosha Public Library or appear to be endorsed by, or to have originated from, the library. Because social media and networking activities are public, your staff e-mail address and staff assets should be used only to perform job-related activities.

  • If you choose to disclose your affiliation with Kenosha Public Library in an online communication, understand that readers may view you as speaking on the library’s behalf. Accordingly, you must treat all communications associated with the disclosure as professional communications governed by this and other staff policies. Always include the following disclaimer “the views expressed are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Kenosha Public Library.” Always remember to communicate ethically and morally in support of your professional goals.

  • Do not use Kenosha Public Library email addresses to register on social networks, blogs or other online tools utilized for personal use.

  • Refrain from responding to any posts that include inaccurate, accusatory or negative comments about Kenosha Public Library or any of its employees.

  • Refrain from publishing any comments regarding Kenosha Public Library or its customers, and particularly comments that may be (or may be considered to be) harassing, threatening, discriminatory, disparaging or otherwise in violation of (1) Kenosha Public Library’s discrimination, harassment, or any other policies; or (2) local, state or federal law.

  • You are personally liable for your online activity, including postings that are considered defamatory, obscene, proprietary or libelous by the Kenosha Public Library or any offended party.

  • The best advice is to (1) adhere to this and other Library policies and values; and (2) remember that information posted online is there forever, readily available to all, and difficult, if not impossible, to retract.

  • Finally, please note that (1) nothing contained herein is intended to interfere with your rights under the National Labor Relations Act, including rights to protected speech and concerted activity; and (2) Kenosha Public Library will not retaliate against anyone for reporting a possible deviation from this policy or cooperating in an investigation.

It is the employee’s responsibility to comply with this policy and to seek guidance from the library’s Customer Experience Manager whenever clarification is necessary. Violation of this policy may result in discipline up to and including termination. 

Approved, KPL Board of Trustees: 
Tuesday, June 11, 2019
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