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Smoke/Vape-Free Policy

This policy establishes rules for Kenosha Public Library employees and customers to comply with 2009 Wisconsin Act 12, commonly referred to as “Smoke Free Wisconsin.”

Smoking/vaping is prohibited within all Library buildings, grounds, and vehicles except in designated smoking/vaping areas.

Smoking/vaping by Library employees and customers is only permitted in a designated outdoor smoking/vaping area that is at least 25 feet from any entrance to a Library building. “Designated Smoking/Vaping Area” signs will identify these outdoor smoking/vaping areas near Library buildings. Library employees and customers may not smoke/vape within 25 feet of a Library vehicle. “No Smoking/Vaping” signs will be posted at the primary entrances to all Library buildings and vehicles.

Approved, KPL Board of Trustees: 
Tuesday, February 11, 2020