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Equal Employment Opportunity Program

  1. Statement of Policy

    • The Kenosha Public Library shall promote equality of opportunity among all who are employed by the Library and who seek employment with the Library.
    • The Library will ensure equal employment opportunity in all of its policies including, but not limited to, recruiting, testing, hiring, transfer, promotion, demotion, termination, disciplinary actions, training, compensation, benefits, layoffs, and recall practices.
    • The Library does not and will not regard such factors as age (except minors), ancestry, arrest record, conviction record (unless the offenses are substantially related to the particular job), color, creed, disability, genetic testing, honesty testing, marital status, military service, national origin, pregnancy or childbirth, race, sex, sexual orientation, use or nonuse of lawful products off the employer’s premises during nonworking hours in matters of employment.
    • All decisions regarding employees in matters of promotions, demotions, transfers, layoffs, and recalls from layoff will be based solely on the employee's ability to perform the work, previous work experience, physical fitness, performance on his/her present job, and length of continuous service, in accordance with State Statutes and applicable labor agreements.
    • The Library will strive to achieve a balanced workforce, which corresponds as much as possible with the population mix of the City of Kenosha. The Library will attempt to create an atmosphere in which every person can capitalize to the fullest on his or her own potentials, abilities, and ambitions. 
  2. Responsibility for Implementation of Policy

    • All Library employees are responsible for the successful accomplishment of an effective Equal Employment Opportunity program. They have joint responsibility with Administrative and Supervisory staff for carrying out the program according to their respective position descriptions and ability to influence the environment in which the employees work.
    • The responsibility and the authority for development of specific equal employment opportunity policies shall be assigned to the Library Director. The Library Director and his or her designee shall maintain and have full access to all departmental policies and procedures, rules and regulations, including personnel files, background investigation reports, and any other documents or information pertaining to the employment, promotion, transfer, demotion, termination, disciplinary actions, and training of personnel employed by the Library. 
  • The Library Director and his or her designee shall be responsible for:

    • Development and implementation of the policy and communication of the policy to employees, prospective employees, and the public.
    • Filing of EEO-4 report as required by the City of Kenosha.
    • Identification of employment practices which inhibit the objective of equal treatment and opportunity, then devising workable solutions, goals, and timetables to rectify identified problem areas.
    • Instituting a program designed to inform qualified members of minority groups, both genders, and people with disabilities of the employment opportunities with the Library and to stimulate their interest and desire for employment with the Library.
    • Handling or arranging for the handling of all matters regarding equal employment opportunity that might arise involving the City, labor unions, both federal and state enforcement agencies, as well as minority organizations, organizations serving people with disabilities, civic action groups, job referral agencies, and other appropriate groups.
    • Designing, implementing, and monitoring internal audit and reporting systems to measure equal employment opportunity program effectiveness.
  1. Specific Equal Employment Opportunity Activities

    • Indicating in all recruitment advertising that the Library is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer in all aspects of its employment responsibilities.
    • Making available information regarding job vacancies to minority organizations, organizations serving people with disabilities, job placement agencies, local institutions of higher learning, and related public agencies.
    • Contacting agencies or individuals serving minorities or people with disabilities, encouraging them to disseminate job information via newsletters, group meetings, word of mouth, electronic distributions, and other formal and informal means. 
Approved, KPL Board of Trustees: 
Tuesday, March 10, 2020
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