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Emergency Closure Policy


  1.  Emergency Citywide Library Closure (Non-Public Health/Safety Declaration)

The Library Director (or designee) shall close all branches and departments of the Kenosha Public Library whenever, in his or her judgment, existing emergency conditions pose a significant safety hazard to the public and library staff.

  1.  Emergency Closure of a Single Library Facility

Library supervisors (or designee) shall inform the Library Director (or designee) of emergency conditions that exist at a library building which may endanger public and staff safety or which make the regular operation of library services at that location impossible. The Library Director (or designee) shall determine whether to close the library facility.

  1.  Emergency Citywide Library Closure (Declared Public Health or Safety Emergency)

The Library Director, in consultation with the Board of Trustees, shall close all branches and departments of the Kenosha Public Library for the health, safety, and well-being of library patrons, staff, and the community during a declared public health or safety emergency including but not limited to pandemic, epidemic, or outbreak.


  1.  Emergency Citywide Library Closure 

In the event of severe weather conditions or other emergencies, the Library Director may decide to close all KPL facilities for the full or partial day. The Library Director or designee will notify all employees of such closure via email/phone. When operations are officially closed due to emergency conditions, the time off from scheduled work will be paid, not to exceed 8 hours per day (excluding Building Maintenance). If a leave day (vacation, personal, compensatory, etc.) has been scheduled and a weather or emergency closing occurs, the scheduled leave time or compensatory time will still need to be taken on that date although the Library has actually been closed. Employees not scheduled to work will not be paid. In the event that the Library does not close during inclement weather, employees who were scheduled to work and choose to stay home may make up the hours if work is available during the same pay period only (Sunday-Saturday) or they must use available paid leave time such as vacation time, personal time, or compensatory time before going unpaid.

  1.  Emergency Closure of a Single Library Facility

If an emergency closing involves a specific library building, you will be assigned work to complete your shift at another building. If you choose not to be redeployed, you may make up the hours only if it is in the same pay period (Sunday-Saturday) or you must take accrued time for the hours you were scheduled to work before going unpaid. Staff will not be paid for hours not worked in this type of closure.

  1.  Emergency Citywide Library Closure

In response to a declared public health or safety emergency, the Kenosha Public Library facilities may be closed. In order to maintain equity among all employees, the following procedures are in effect during this type of emergency.

Library Facilities Closed to Public

In the event that Library facilities are closed to the public but remain open to employees, employees will have the following choices: report to work (hours of operation may be modified), use paid leave, or choose to be unpaid after using all available accrued time.

Library Facilities Closed to Everyone

In the event that all Library facilities are closed as directed by the employer (KPL), all employees will be compensated according to the hours listed on their Personnel Change Form.  This will supersede any previously approved paid time off

Approved, KPL Board of Trustees: 
Wednesday, March 18, 2020