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Emergency Closing Policy

Kenosha Public Library Policy for Emergency Closing

    • Emergency Citywide Library Closing

      The Library Director (or designee) shall close all branches and departments of the Kenosha Public Library whenever, in his or her judgement, existing emergency conditions pose a significant safety hazard to the public and library staff.

    • Emergency Closing of a Library Facility

      Library supervisors (or designee) shall inform the Library Director (or designee) of emergency conditions that exist at a library building which may endanger public and staff safety or which make the regular operation of library services at that location impossible. The Library Director (or designee) shall determine whether to close the library facility.

    • Emergency Citywide Library Closing

      Supervisory employees are expected to work the requirements of their jobs. Non­supervisory staff who did not work as scheduled during an emergency closing may take vacation or compensatory time to receive a full day's pay for time not worked. They may also take the time without pay. Sick leave may be used only for an illness or injury.

    • Emergency Closing of a Library Facility

      Employees of a closed facility may be assigned work to complete their shifts at other Library locations at the discretion of the Director (or designee) if work is available. For non­supervisory staff who do not complete their scheduled shifts, the provisions of paragraph A above will apply.

Approved, KPL Board of Trustees: 
Tuesday, January 13, 2015