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Credit Card Policy


KPL issues credit cards to select staff members to facilitate business travel, incidental and online purchases. KPL issued
credit cards act as purchasing cards, earning KPL rebates. In order to maximize rebates, certain recurring payments
such as utility bills, as well as payments for collection materials, may be paid with KPL credit cards as authorized by
library administration. Upon receipt of original itemized documentation, credit card expenditures will be paid by check
through Administration.


All purchases must be supported by sales invoices/receipts which are to be coded and promptly turned in to the
Accounting Assistant for balancing to the credit card statement. Purchases from Wisconsin vendors should be
made on a tax exempt basis. Obtain a Tax Exempt Certificate from the Accounting Assistant as needed. Sales tax
paid to Wisconsin vendors will not be reimbursed.


The library employees authorized to use the library credit card are as follows:

Director $2,500
Assistant Director $15,000
Maintenance Superintendent $15,000
Head of Administrative Services $2,500
Head of Adult and Digital Services $2,500
Head of Youth & Family Services $2,500
Head of Collection Services $27,500
Network Administrator (1) $2,000
Customer Experience Manager $2,500
Outreach Coordinator $2,000
Communication Specialist $1,000


  • In order to establish and maintain a proper system of checks and balances, purchasing activities will not be
    conducted by the Accounting Assistant.
  • Only authorized staff members may conduct purchasing transactions. Cardholders are responsible for all activity
    on their account that results from delegating purchases to other KPL staff.
  • Prior to initial receipt of any credit card, each individual must agree to and sign Agreement for Use of Bank Credit
  • All credit cards are Kenosha Public Library property. Authorized users will take the necessary precautions
    to ensure the card’s safekeeping.
  • No personal use of the card is allowed even if the user intended to, or actually did, reimburse the library for
    such use.
  • Cash advances for any reason are prohibited.
  • Purchases may not exceed individual credit limits.
  • If the credit card is lost or stolen, the authorized user must notify the bank and the Library Director
  • Should an individual with a credit card leave their library position, the credit card is to be returned immediately to
    the Library Director or Head of Administrative Services for destruction. A new card will be ordered for the
    individual taking his/her place.
  • Proper documentation to support the expenditure must be sent to the Business Office prior to the receipt of the
    monthly statement. Proper documentation is to include:


o Original itemized paid receipt indicating the amount paid, the vendor, and the itemized description of the

o In the case of books, subscriptions or similar types of orders, a copy of the order form or document, and packing
slip, or other receiving document must be attached when requesting payment.

o  A hard copy printout of the items ordered online.


Examples of documentation not allowed:

o          Non-itemized cash register receipts.

o          Handwritten requests for reimbursement without receipts or other verification.

Payment of the monthly statement must be made in a timely fashion so that finance charges are not incurred. Timely payment requires staff incurring the charges properly complete transactional paperwork related to the Library’s accounting functions.
























Agreement for Use of Bank Credit Card


This card is issued to you on a temporary basis, and remains the sole property of the bank from which it was issued. The right to use this card may be revoked at any time without warning by the issuing bank authority or by the Kenosha Public Library.

By accepting this card it is understood that you are personally responsible for any

unauthorized or inappropriate use of the purchasing card.





I have read and fully understand and accept my personal responsibilities and liabilities involving the use of the bank credit card issued to me. I further understand that any inappropriate use of the card may result in disciplinary action and possible garnishment of my wages.



Card Issued:                                                       Number:





Card Holder Signature: ________________________________ Date:______ __________






Signature of Witness: _________________________________ Date:_________________

Approved, KPL Board of Trustees: 
Tuesday, May 8, 2018