Bed Bugs and Libraries
Bed bugs seem to be popping up in hotels and apartments in the Milwaukee area and while they typically aren’t seen in libraries or library books, Kenosha Public Library wants to be sure we’re bug free, so we’re doing some simple things like putting out sticky traps in our workrooms and giving books a quick shake when we get them back. So far we haven’t spotted any bed bugs or heard any reports from patrons, but we’ll keep a sharp eye out just in case. We’re also pulling together a response plan with the help of the Kenosha Health Department, in the event that anything is discovered. If you’d like more information about bed bugs, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture provides basic information and pictures for identification.
Do You Know the Difference Between a Weed and a Perennial?
Volunteering at the Kenosha Public Library
Kenosha Public Library has implemented a revised volunteer program and is encouraging interested members of the community to apply for positions.  We have a wide array of tasks that need attention and encourage those who like the library to help us out! Interested candidates must complete this volunteer application and will be interviewed for areas of interest and fit for the organization. Applications are available on this page, at all neighborhood libraries, and online at For more information call Michelle Eisenhauer at (262) 564-6325.
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Welcome to the Kenosha Public Library Online Bookstore!
Kenosha’s online source for discounted books, music and movies.
Why are we selling books?
We are strongly committed to books and reading. We see a real value in book ownership and encourage book ownership by individuals and families. While the Library's main focus remains book borrowing and free access to information, we want to serve our customers better. By adding this new capability of buying books to our website, we are giving you a choice of how you access the information you need. Proceeds from the items you buy here benefit the Library.
How to place an order
You can place an order when browsing through the Katalog or by selecting the Online Bookstore link from our homepage.
First time users receive a 10% discount on their order by using the code: HOLIDAY10 at checkout.
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